Toxic Pop / Firestarter

Rations - How Much Land Does a Man Need? 7"

$ 2.00

We started Square of Opposition in the spring on 2001. Around that time, there was a strong bond between Long Island and the Lehigh Valley. All the best bands - Contra, Sometimes Walking Sometimes Running/Scent of Human History, Latterman, Mad Cow Dizease 182, etc - seemed to be making the trek from NY to the Valley on a weekly basis. The first record we released by a band that wasn't from the LV was a 7" from The Insurgent. Long Island. At the heart of that bond was a house in Allentown called The Pirates Cove and a LI label called Traffic Violation Records. TVR put out some of the most inspiring records from that time period and it was, without a doubt, one of the labels that inspired me the most. Community over commerce, people over profit, DIY til death. This is what TVR represented. Fast forward 10 years. Long Island is still cranking out amazing bands - Iron Chic, Fellow Project, Bridge and Tunnel, etc - and Wells, the man behind TVR, is back to his old tricks (this time under a new moniker). A decade after I aspired to be half as solid and even close to as credible as TVR - a decade after I tried my hardest to bite his style - it is truly an honor to be collaborating with Wells to release this 7". The fact that it is his band only makes it cooler. The fact that this record is being co-released between 10 labels that come from all over the planet is probably the most impressive detail. It is a true testament to the DIY community and, again, Long Island pulled it off. Fuckin mint.

5 songs in 10 minutes. Think of something between Crimpshrine and (young) Pioneers with that sweet Long Island vibe and you'll get the idea.

1000 pressed and packaged with a hand-numbered 12 page 7"x7" booklet.