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Pulling Teeth - Funerary CD

$ 8.00

Pulling Teeth's fourth album is their most definitive work by far. Their magnum opus, if you will. The two years that followed the release of Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions was a time of personal turmoil for members of the band as they lost too many loved ones to the hands of the reaper, and Funerary is the culmination of the emotions dealt with during that period. This album finds the band revisiting the vitriolic rage expressed so vividly on Martyr Immortal as well as expanding on some of the more expressive and melancholic ideas found on their last album. While the lyrics touch on themes of our social character, a demand for truth, respect, and honesty, and reason to hold on to the last shreds of hope for a better world, the music ranges from pummeling thrash- and death- influenced metal to moody, doomy, dirgey soundscapes, all the while holding true to the spirit and energy of hardcore. This is Pulling Teeth at their finest.