Toxic Pop / Firestarter

Psyched To Die - Sterile Walls 7"

$ 4.50

With life comes death. With death comes peace. Psyched To Die can find no peace and channel that frustration into a bunch of rippin' punk songs for all of us to enjoy while they make the best of this time they've got. Tormented minds and twisted brains with melodies to sink your teeth into. Mikey Erg, Brian G. (Forward To Death/For Science), Chris Frump (Fast Times), and Jay Hunchback have joined forces to shred heads and rip shit here on their debut EP. After dropping quite an impressive demo last summer, the boys are back with seven morose punk rock gems soaked in bitterness and hopelessness, all the while maintaining a prescribed dosage of humor and wit. Still, you won't find any positive sentiments or inspirational messages here, Psyched To Die remind us that when life gets you down, sometimes the best option is to simply cut your losses while you still can. Sterile Walls is your one way ticket to either the nut house or the morgue. Choose death.

Comes with a digital download code.

Split release with Grave Mistake Records.