Toxic Pop / Firestarter

No Justice - Still Fighting 7"

Sold Out

Backstock copies of the second press (gold vinyl) of this classic early 2000's hardcore record. Along with bands like like TEAR IT UP, LIFE'S HALT, GORDON SOLIE, etc ... this MD band played a vital role in pumping life back into the hardcore scene with no frills fast and pissed hardcore punk. Remembered most notably for their chaotic live shows, this E.P. was the only official release from this band. While some may argue that the intensity of their live set couldn't be captured on record, this EP definitely delivers six tracks of raging hardcore. When the opening chord of "Political Scheme" rings out ... watch for flying bodies and drum equipment. Members went on to play in a slew of bands including 86 MENTALITY, DESPERATE MEASURES, SET TO EXPLODE, LION OF JUDAH, THE AFTERMATH, and GIVE.