Toxic Pop / Firestarter

Infected - Awake In Our Graves 7"

$ 2.00

Solid, metal-leaning punk from Lexington, Kentucky. Suspicions are that more than one member has a faded Metallica T-shirt in his closet and keeps it in rotation. We all understand that it’s a sliver of time, but remember back to the early days of grunge, before the tag became a smear? Remember that month or two? That earnest crunch, the loss of pretense, those sharply pointed songs that were jabbed directly at hair metal’s bloated and Spandex’d corpse? The Infected live their musical lives in that small window. Never self-indulgent, meandering, or dazzled by the lure of a solo, it’s straight-ahead music by straight-ahead dudes.

Imagine crossing Samiam, Crimpshrine, and Scared of Chaka and you're in the ballpark. Good stuff!