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Gestapo Khazi - s/t LP

$ 5.00

Debut LP from this new band from Long Beach containing ex Street Trash, Geisha Girls dudes. Hot on the heels of their split single with the Ebonics, GESTAPO KHAZI are back with a vengeance. Laying down creepy, surfy, post punk jams; GESTAPO KHAZI go above and beyond the call of duty to make their music memorable. You can hear bits and peaces of the Gun Club, Urinals and the Wipers, all set to a trippy, claustrophobic guitar back drop that really works for the band. There's a pretty heavy downer Jeffrey Lee Pierce vibe running straight through this sucker even though most of the tunes are abrasive and definitely grounded in punk. Add that underlying layer of creepy crawley post punk mess and you're left with something that can only be described as intense. Pretty new band here, but after hearing this LP, you definitely get a sense that these guys are really onto something. Very unique, original songs and undoubtedly a band you'll want to keep an eye on.