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Clint Maul - Broken Record CD

$ 6.00

"Not only does this record grab you at first listen, but clearly deserves revisiting and further reflection...maybe while sipping some good whiskey on a cool summer night or during a long drive alone. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, with a studio full of top-notch players, Maul leads us through his vision of America. Not just another trendy clich?-laden set of ideals, 'Broken Record' delivers a simple, sincere glimpse into one man's journey. Bob Rupe's masterful production allows the songs to speak for themselves; bringing a warmth and purity to the forefront, without the heavy-handed studio magic that so often overshadows today's crop of "alt-country" drones. But don't let the labels fool you...there is a distinct 90s-era, power-pop influence sitting just below the that has me eager to hear the sophomore follow-up, hoping Maul will spread his wings and expand on the refreshingly honest sound found here on his debut." ( review)

That's a pretty damn spot-on review. If names like Paul Westerburg, Evan Dando, and Ben Nichols get your ears to perk up, then this is definitely an album for you. Clint's got a full backing band here (featuring former members of The Jayhawks, Sparklehorse, and The Silos) which really helps to flesh out the songs teased at on his 'Ninguna Amplificacion' 7" EP. On 'Broken Record' you are hearing these tunes as they were always meant to be heard. This album is on constant rotation here at FR/TPR headquarters, and if solidly written alt-country meets 90s indie powerpop is up your alley then the same can surely be said for you once you pick this up. Very highly recommended.